What if I don't know my size?

If you are unsure of your size you can purchase our sample sizing kit which comes with 0-9 sample nails. This is the best option to ensure that your nails fit you perfect!      

  • We also have a sizing chart that you can follow to size your nails if you do not want the sample kit. Refer to sizing chart for further instructions.


How long do the nails stay on?

It honestly depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application, how rough you are on your hands, the amount of adhesive used and the choice of adhesive used.


What nail glue would you suggest?

A professional nail glue is suggested such as KDS Nail Glue which is included in our application kit.


Are the nails resusable?

Yes, with the proper care and removing them the correct way the nails can be reused.

  • A gentle method for removing your press on nails, is to use warm water and a little bit of soap in a bowl and you will soak nails in the water *while keeping water warm* for 20 or so minutes until your nails start to loosen up.
  • Using adhesive tabs which are also provided in our application kit, helps with making the nails last longer. 
  • If you prefer nail glue it is suggested to purchase an in expensive nail drill to gently get off any built up nail glue from the previous wear.


 What if the nails I ordered dont fit?

* Due to the nature of the product we are not responsible if the wrong size is ordered. Purchasing a sample sizing kit or using the sizing chart is very important to ensure the perfect fit for your nails before placing an order.* 


Do I need to order a sample sizing kit for each nail shape I want?

 Each nail shape offered is sized differently. Some shapes fit smaller some shapes fit bigger. If you want to try more than one shape- repeat add to cart process for each shape/length you would like to try. 


How many nails come in each set?

  • All made to order sets come with 10 nails in the size you select.
  • Ready to ship sets come wtih 22 nails


All the nail shapes aren't shown in the style option thats in the shapes photo, am I able to request one of those other shapes?

yes, if you would like a different shape that isn't in the style option just choose a shape and give the actual shape you would like from the picture in note to seller in cart. If the shape you want is XL please be sure to pick XL in style option. XL shapes are $2-$3 more than the other shapes provided.


What comes with my nails?

All nail orders come with a mini nail file, cuticle pusher, buffer, 2 alcohol prep pads, glue, nail adhesive tabs and a thank you/ instructions card.